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    Why Build a Custom Home

    Discerning Homeowners Asked-We Have the Answers.
    Designed By You, For You

    The Benefits of a Custom Home

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    Made for You And No One Else

    There’s no substitute for admiring a home filled with choices made by you, for you. With a William Stone Construction home you’re not limited to just decorating rooms, your home will have your vision and be a place for you to express yourself in ways you never expected. And it all starts in our design studio and one-stop shop for all the materials that will make your home unlike anyone else’s.


    Designed to fit your Lifestyle

    Do you like open spaces and space to entertain? Or cozy rooms with sunlit views? Your custom home is a blank canvas for your family and all the memories you’ll make. With William Stone Construction, you’ll not only have many floor plans to inspire you, you’ll have real model homes to experience firsthand. Throughout our process you’ll get to use design software to see what your home will look like, have our New Home Consultants to support you along the way and be in touch with your personal builder.


    Built for Today and Tomorrow

    We don’t build homes without you, we build them with you. When you purchase an existing home, it probably isn’t designed for what you need now and what you’ll want later. Whether you need flexible space for a growing family or more room for entertaining, we’ll design a house that meets your needs today and tomorrow.


    Choose Where You Want to Build

    Building a custom home on your own lot means you can keep living in the neighborhood you don’t want to leave. Or you can find land in an area with great schools. It’s all up to you. Spec homes or existing homes are built and situated without your needs in mind. We can even guide you on how to situate your new home on your lot so you can get the best light. We also do free home-site evaluations.


    A Sound Investment

    When you build a custom home with William Stone Construction you can be sure of quality construction and materials. William Stone Construction homes come with a 10-year structural warranty by one of the nation’s largest construction insurance companies. You can be completely confident in what you’re buying. With an existing home, there’s wear and tear to consider. When you build a custom home with William Stone Construction, you are investing in an energy efficient home that will save you money today and tomorrow.


    Build Around Your Budget

    We promise our homes are the most affordable in custom home building and we can prove it. Our partnerships allow us to access quality materials for the best value at the best price. When you buy an existing home you could be paying for features or space that you may not want or need. When you build custom, you have the freedom to choose where you invest your dollars. At William Stone Construction we believe in transparent pricing. No hidden costs, no unwelcomed surprises—you have total control of your investment.


    Live Efficiently

    Unlike existing homes that require costly maintenance, William Stone Constructions’ custom homes are built with energy efficiency and your family’s comfort in mind. Existing homes can cost more to maintain and run—especially if you’re forced to buy more space than you need. Quality custom construction from William Stone Construction means lower utility bills. We partner with you throughout the design process to help you identify your needs, so your home has everything you want and none of the things you don’t.

    Are you ready to start building your custom dream home? Our friendly staff would be delighted to meet you for a free consultation.

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